Jan 9, 2017

Dear CHHS-MAHS Alumni & Friends:

Welcome CHHS-MAHS Alumni and Friends.  This website was setup by the 2014 Reunion Committee to inform you of the CHHS-MAHS Reunions and to be a media for communicating information relevent to the CHHS-MAHS Family. 

Having said that, it is with Tiger Pride that we welcome you to the website. The website is dedicated to all those who walked the halls of Capital Highway and Monroe Avenue High Schools. In particular, to our principals, teachers, aides, custodians, cooks, volunteers and community whose dedication and hard work made us what we are today. 

Take a tour of the website, let it take you back to a time of innocence when we didn't have a 'Clue'.

Continue to view the Events & Meetings page for updates as they occur.

Dear Alumni, Family and Friends,
Happy New Year CHHS-MAHS Alumni, Family and Friends. It is my wish that 2017 brings you great health, happiness, peace and love.
 As I reflect back on the reunions, I am drawn to the fact that so many of our alumni have transitioned, several since our September reunion.  Life is precious, and no promises are guaranteed.  Reunions are so important.  It allows us another opportunity to bond, embrace the memories, and reconnect with each other.
The CHHS-MAHS 2016 reunion was a celebration of our heritage.  It was exciting with a wealth of knowledge about our heritage.  All the research, labor and commitment put into the weekend cannot be measured.  As I have often said, "it is always done with passion, joy and heartfelt love for you".   Of course the success of this reunion could not have been possible without your support and participation.  You are to be commended for making it possible.
We listened to your concerns about the 2016 reunion and your suggestions for the 2018 reunion.  It is very important to us that we focus on those things as we began to plan for our next reunion. In an effort to address some of your concerns…Timing, content and hospitality will be our primary focus as we start planning for the 2018 reunion.  We want to make the event a memorable affair for all. If you have other concerns that should be addressed, please provide via website or call.  Our goal is to make 2018 a greater reunion.  We will strive to ensure that everyone will feel comfortable and have an enjoyable time. These are precious times granted to us, and we should embrace it with respect, kindness and love for each other.
As was promised at the onset of the reunion, a donation from the 2016 Reunion Committee would be made to fund a local project as suggested by the CHHS-MAHS alumni.  Several suggestions were discussed and the committee voted to fund a memorial walkway at the Dobbins Heights Community Center (DHCC).  The $1000 donation will fund a brick walkway from the front of the DHCC building to the flagpole.   In the future, patrons/alumni will be able to buy a brick from DHCC and have it inscribed in their name or dedicate to a loved one.  Enclosed is a picture of a similar walkway to give you an idea. 
And finally, the CHHS-MAHS cookbook was to be a fundraising tool to assist with the project.  Although, it did not generate the proceeds that we had hoped, I am happy to report that the cookbook "Tasty Sensation" was a success. It was a SELLOUT. Thank you for recipes and your support.
The CHHS-MAHS website, www.chhsmahs.com   has been updated with pictures from the 2016 reunion. Please visit the website to view the pictures and other ‘Tiger’  news.
Once again, Congratulations to the Class of 1965 (50 plus 1) and the Class of 1966 (50 years) for their golden year celebration .
Gloris Brown-Butler
Gloris Brown-Butler, Chairperson
2016 CHHS-MAHS Reunion Committee
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